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3 3 3 3 first on fox...violence erupts insidd a baltimore city school... after a wommn -3 delivering a birthddy cake gets into a knife fight wiih a school administrator. administrator.nattioal academy &pfoundation prep middle school immediately went into lockdown. east baltimore with the laaess 3 good orning guuspolice sayya women carrying a cake ann balloons... wwlked up to the front of he school here yesterday and said she hhd a deeivery ffr her sisterrbbt once she was buzzed into he building... ww're told she did not follow protocol. protocol.instead of going to the frrnt officc... the 21- yeaa old woman went to te officials say pshh was carrying a knife. when she was connrooted by a school administrator she used the knife... to cut im on hiss hands.immeeiately... the you can imagine... parrnns -3 were frantic. 3& (paaent) "itt ridiculous sometting needs to happen and coming off the inciddnt in &pnewtown any parent anyyreal parent is going to be - concerned bout whats going onn & far as their child" this incident.buttthe
an scaped inmate áand áa suspect chase cause two city yesterday.police are searching for this man..... 25 year old travis lee wildes.he was last seen arouud 12:15, wedneday afternoon... after walking away from a prison work detail. while police were loooing for wildes.... a similar scene was playynggout across town.... a drug suspect being chased y officers ran inside collington square elementary school.parents showed up at both schools.... anxious for answers. 38:21 they said the children were fine ouucan take your kids out. then they said the &pboy ran and ran back out. they're not calling anyone or telling them nothing. that's my concern i have a granddaughter here plus friends with kids here so my concern is not just my grand daughter :36 :36 no onn was injured in either incident. at last pheck.... both suspects are still on the loose, right now. an elementary school student is punished after the child brings a b-b gun oo the bus. &pstudent from arlington elementary school... threatened another student wwth it, on officials say the child as &pdiscplined. 3 a mi
... few days... before the... fiscal 33 3&henry, fox news. 3 3 bad day for chicago....the citys homicide rate is up 17 percent. the city rrached the grim milesttne of 5000murddrs when a 40-year-old man was &pshot n the head while standdng outside convenience store. police say p8. ers in chicago since 20- a different story in newwyork city. the numbbr of murders ii the big aaple are at according to the n-y-p-- the citt had 414 homicides compared to 471 ii 20-09.. police also &psay they seized 8-thousand weapons this year. today was also good day ffr "gooo riddance". p hundreds of peopleeheaded to tiies square to toss their bad memories of 20--2 into aagiant aper hhped to rrd themselves of bad karma...while others wanttd to rid ttemselves of bad habits. 3&"i'm ggving up the wwole 2012 aal of it. the whole year." //butt to//"yeahh i'm giving up my sweet tooth. coz it'' become a reallyybig problem.. problem." police expect millions of people to be in times square new years eve for 3 they just shifttd the chairs."o chairs." state depaatment &pofficcall f
.... at a baltimore city school. sccool.this time a stuuent knife..... outtide of the ew police say the younggman who ssa classsatt while holling the &pknife. bbt he was not let administrators called pollce. &ppoliceeresponded but the student ran from the ssenee and police continue to investigate a stabbing inside a balitmmre city school yeeterday. it happened at "natiinal academy foundation old kiirra hayes who was carrying cake and balllonss.. was buuzed into the building... to surprise her sister.but instead of goong to the front office... hayes went offfciaas say she wwa carrying a knife. when hayes was confronted by a school administrator-- they say, she school immediitely went into (parent) "its ridiculous something needs to happen nd poming off the incident in newtown aay pprent any eal concerned about whats going on far as their child" no students were hurt during &pthis incident... but the school adminnstrator was sent to the hospital. afterrthose incidents..... and the shooting in of questions tonight &pconcerriigg ecuriiy inside baltiiore city public schools.
city has mmrder rate. so far this year, phere have been 216 homicides .... comparee to 197 in all of 2001. baltimore counny pollce are investigating the ssooting found the 15 ear old shot just aftee nine saturday night. p police are looking ffr two males suspects. 15995 right now it appears a robbery ... oc: sooe ype of concluuionn115926 115926 thh tten has been treatedd for his gunshot wounds and released from the hospital. 3 same-sex couples in maryland arr counting down the hours... until their marriages become official. at 12:01 a-m ... less than seven hours from now... the new llw goes into effect. ceremonies areescceduled too take place at city hall... shortly affer party--oers ring in theenew year.since december 6th... same-sex couples in marriige licenses... buttttose licenses do not officially take effect until tommrrow. in maine... that state'ssfirst ever same sex marriage happened over the weekend. the first in llne whhn the ere - dooos openee at ciiy hall in portland just after midnight saturdda. more thaa -hundred supporters greeteddthe couple as t
the prisoner under one was hurt. suspecttchase cause two city schools to go oo lockdown, yest. yesterday.police are earchinn for this man..... 25 year old seen around 12:15, wedneday las afternoon... aftee walking away from a prison work detail. while policeewere looki similaa scene was playing out &pacross town.... a drug suspec being chased by offiiers ran inside colllngton square elementaay school.parentt showed up ttboth schools.... anxious for answers. 38:21 they said he children were fine you can take our kids out. then they said tte they're not calling anyone or telling them nothing. that's my concern i have a &pgranddaughter here plus friends with kids here so my daughter :36 :33 no one was injured in either incident. at last check.... both suspects are sttll on the loose, right now. annelementary school ttdent is punishhd afttrrthe child brings a b-b gun on the bus. ballimore police say the student rom rlington elementary school... threatened another student officialsssay the child as ol - discclined. 3 a milestone for the baltimore city police department,
-thoosandth illegal gun taken off city streets so far this year. it happened during the arrest f a suspect n a hhme invaaion in northwest baltimore "the horrifii moment... oq:: the job that we're doing ut he" here." policc say a woman was assaulted by the suspecc during the breek in. there were also several children in the home at the time. a former frostburg state university sttdent pleads guilty to secood degree murder. she killed a fellow student who grew up in baltimore. baltimore.shanaa iggins plead guiltyyin allegany countt circuii court monday.liggins killed fellow frostburg state university student kortneigh mccoy.the murder happened after a fight at an off campus ourt, liggins apologizee and told the family she wish she could ake it back: "her thooghts and her apology, does nothing for the fact, i'm onny leettwith the memmry of a " child" liggin's faces up to 30 years in prisionn 3 tww city schools went into lockdown today.... one because of a missing inmate. inmate.police are searching for this man..... 25 year old travis lee wildes.he was last seen aroundd12:15 after walking
,.../ contraccors.... to the city.../. services... - fox 45... hhs... pearned... city inspector... mclintoff.../ requested ... dozenn of invoices... for contractors ... workkng ...or the ayor.../ it'ss.. the... same office... that sparked a war of words... between the mayor... and... city comptroller... about... wasteful spending... on baltimore's... tonight... an... advocate for minority businesses.../ says... a... ábrooderá... dollars being wasted, and ayer - for the law."ithout regards - law." tth... report ...releasee ... this year... on spending... in the mayor's - office of technology..../ tte... office... declined to comment... oo the current investigation you see government waste.. - hotline.. 410-662-1456. or... go to fox- baltimore dot com...///. you... can read... about a mulli-billion dollar... homeland sscuritt grant .... hat's... beenggused... to 13- snowcone... machines... 3two homes... remain... condemned .../ in... the... butcherr hill in... downtown baltimmre...///. paul ges
, .../// no... 3 one was hurtt new tooight...a milestonn for the baatimore city police depa. department.. " i'm very thankffu to these officers" batts joined the mayor and ny other police officers just over annhour ago to mark the one-thousandth iilegal gun this year. it happened during the arrest of a uspect in a home invasion in northwest baltimore tonight.during a news conference after the incident... the commissioner pnd he mayor thhnked officers &pfor their commitment to crime fightiig. a former frostburg state university student pleads &pguilty to second degree murde. she killed a ellow student who grew up in bbatimmre. baltimore..anice park live tonight outside pply high school, with what happened in . ccurt.jeff,kortneigh mccoy prepared for college at this school and had big plans forr the fuuure, but it all ended in tragedy. today her killlr...shanee ligginssmade a deal with the state...these court docuuents how that she was charged with second deggee murder, assauut and reckless endangerment.but they were aal dropped in exchange for her guilty murder plea.
another scare at city schoools..... this time aa student brandishing a knife. knife. -3 3 school police say theestudent pas banning on the ddor of new hope academy in west baatimore... and theatening a -3 classmate whill holding the knife. adminssrators refused to let himmin.... and called police, but the ssudent fled the cene.tonight school police say they are coosidering possible charges. 3 and police continue to investigate a stabbing inside &pa balitmore city school. it happeneddat "national academy foundatton prep middle school" a oman carrying akk and balloons... was buzzed into thh building... to suurrise her sister.buu instead of thh 211year old womannwent to & sayyshe was carrring a knife. when sse was confronted by a &pschool administrator-- they -3 hands.the schoollimmediately (parent) "its ridiculous sometting nneds tt happen and &ppoming off the incident in newtoon aay parenttany eel parent is going to be concerned about whats going on inside a school building as far s theer child" -33 3 nn students were hurt during this incident... b
... - time,.../ contractorr... services... to the city.../. fox 45... has... learned... city inspector... requested ... dozens of invoices... for contractors ... working ...for theemayor.... it's... the... same office... that sparkedda war of words... bbtween the mayor... and... city comptroller... about... wasteful spenddng... on baltimore's... phone systee..../ tooight... an... advvcate for inority businessess../for inority busiiesses.../ says... a... ábroaderá... investigation... is overdue. 1:51:03"it adds up to taxpayer for tte law."ithout regardss law." the... rrport ...released ... this year... on speeding../ the... office... declined to comment... on the current invessigation join... our wasse watch. if... you see government waste.. call... our hooline.. 410-662-1456. or... go to fox- baltimore dot com...///. you... can reed... about a mulli-billion homeland security grant .... that's... being pay for ... 13- snowcooe... machines... in... one state. new... fox../..
on the tracks? (no)">this is the man nnw york city police ssy is responsible por pushhng a man nto the old naeem davis arraigned -- charged with second degree murder.a judge orddring him to be held behind barr -- without bail.davis was taken ito custody tuesday afteenoon -- just a block from an entrance to he subway where the incident happpned monday..8 year-old ki-suck han of rolled onto the tracks -- before being sruck by a 'q' later.kelly says: "the man, as we've seen, tried to climm out of the well anddwas pinned between the stationnann the train when the train came into the station."cameras, capturing the confrontationn between the men.
with the reperaaions. 3 last miiutt new years eve ppeperatiins are also underwwy city.tooy dunnan is live set the scene.mes square to - 3 pow are the roads looking tonig? traffic edge eport. map 3 mdott 95 north of 195mdot- 695 &pliberty pinsky says, "the state of connecticut, and other states too, are failing to protecc theechillren from guns." ggns." a lawyer suing the state of conneccicut vvr the sandy hook shooting. what he says the school shoolddhavv done to protect his 6-year-old clieet. singing: theees a nnw wind blowing like ive never known, im breathing deeper than ve evee donn 3 ring in 2013 with the winner of the x factor season two... the ssage for fox's new year's eee live special. 3 --adblib weaaher tt-- , as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico
by the baatimore oriolee. dionne cconkey, city of baltimore:"without t, ttere's a possiblity ittwouldn't happpn."the o'ssare the primary sponsorr.. for a show that costs as much as 60 thousand dollars to put on. ryan o'neil, pyrotecnico: "everything's all sscipted to music, ttat way, that ay ii alllgoes off at certain expect orange and white bombs 3 bursttng in air... to the ttne of orioles magic.dionne mcconkey, city of baltimore:"stay over in hotels, shop downtoww, eattat restaurants, so it'' very pyrotecnico:"theee are part oo actually ll wired ttgether to go off of one squib." balttmorr's new year's eve fireworks show is more than 30 years old.dionne mmconkey, cityyof baltimore:"it adds to tte holiday and makes it extra speccal."paul gesslee, reporttr: "as for a timelinee thooe barges will leave curtis bay by midday. thhe will be pere in the harbor by sundown. and the fireworks will beein , - promptty at midnight. foo now, we areereporting frrm the the m-t-a metro and light raii serrices ill e extended another hour tomorrow night. today was a really windy daa in baltimore. flags and tr
there is concern about security in bbltiiore city schools. in the first nine months f 400-assaults árepprtedá on city school campuues. at least four guns were allo conniscattd. a former city pchool police officcr says the department is not prrperly prepared. ( joseph baribeault)"as of right now you show up and your on a wing and a prryer. look at columbine.. andd had prrtocols in ppaccea long - time go" ago" the teachers union is asking dministrators to review the emergency response plans in the wake of the connecticut massacre. o'malleysays he plans to - introducc bills aimedat ppeventingga similar trageey fromoccurring here in maryland. theegovernor tells reporters his administration plans to sponsorat least one bill o restrict...orbbn assault weapons.the governor says he'd re-instate a federalban on &passault weapons that xpired back in 2004. ((oveennr) "it would be a llt &pmore effeetive at the national level and hey should have never allowed the assault weapons ban lapse at the nationallleeel buttat that level probaaly thhelobbies are probably are hhre in maryland." ma
by 185151 -3 185151&p3 on hills all over the city, families and their kids took advantage of the latest winter 3 decided to cooe to patterssn &ppark when they saw the snow falling. they only had a couule of hours to enjoy it in baltimore, but that was more than enough time for somee seriius sledding. p the city wasn't the only ppace ppople were enjoying today's - snowfall.janice parkkshows us folks in finksburg emmracce sevvral inches of snnw. snow. & 3 "hi karen...latest winter blast" 3 you can hear the faint screams - of sledders...enjoying the iiches of snow ddmped on - finkkburg today: today: 3 for the fletcher faaily...finksburg is a far cry frrm where they live 3 california. &pp3 whileesnow ttpically brings a messy commute...a saturday snow along with clear rrads & meanttthat the snow was - welcomed today::- toddy:"waan't snowing till i -3 got my cup of coffee looked like i was getting out for a plttle sledding"so today, wass instead all about spending time wwth family:who sometimes you love to hate::- hate:"it looked like stuuf" stuuf" 3 and making
a baltimore city schhol goes into lockdown after a woman delivering aabirthday cake gets intooa knife figgt with a - national academy foundation prep middle school s back opee... but many parents are - safety.meean gglliland is live ii east baltimore with a story youure seeing first on fox. 3 good morning guys,policeesay a women carrying a cakeeand balloons... walked p to thee front of the sshool here yesterday and said she had a dellvvry forrher sister.but 3& building... we're told she did not follow protocol. -3 protocol.instead offgoing to & thh front office... the 21- year old women went to the cafeteria.when n administratoo conffonted pulled out a knife and cut the school administratorron his hands.immediately... the schooo went into lockdown. as &weee ffantic.with this on op connecticut... some parrnts saa thee're worried about their chhlddee's safety. 3 (carmen lynch-parrnt)"the kids 3 looked doors... more security and itsscrazy kids need security in thhir sshools" schools"no studeets ere hurt &pduring the incident.the chool administrator was sent tt
....baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings blake, but crime and ustice reeorter joy lepolaasays the city's murder & numbers are n the rise againn.. 3 pdespite some of the toughest guns laassin the nation..--3 natton. 3 ((pkg)) over the weekend.... -3 ttis was theescene in baltiiore city as hundreds of guns were turned in aa part of p buypack prrggam. ((nat pop of twenty guage froo gun is ranked 7th among tte top pen most danggeous citiessin already more than 2-hundred &ppeople have been murdered in 3 before the new year is usheredd in. despitt... that.... maryland'' gun lawssaar ammng -& the mmst stringent in the united states. 1:45:36 i don't know how youuget anymore strict than maryalnd already -3 is.mike horst is gun shop owner innharford county.while tragedy that ccured inn connecticut....:41:21 e had -& no usiness havvng access to any fiiearr. horst doesn't - annwer.1::8:32 i'd like t ee more done to bring mmetal --3 health issue brought to tte forefront and deelt with. in - maryllndd... the state policee maintain liss of regulated firrarms
. the suspect s at the city lock up -- ttoight acing longgliit of - charges. no students weee hurt ddringgthe inciient. -3 3maryland schools reacted too & the sshoting todayyby talking to studenns studdntsbaltimore countys crisis plan was updated & earlier thii year aater the shooting at perrr haal high school. still officials aree & reassessinn their uilding for safety. today they had extraa securityyonnhand and they made sure counselors were availabll. - 3 " we knew that kids were going to ave uestions....outcce: to ansser those questions &pquestions 3 ooffcials did not see any -3 decline in attendancc, though more parents drove tteir kkds & to sshhol today. 3 thheconnecticuu hoooing has triggerrd many people to call for striccer gun control laws. laws. mmnyymmryland politicians and even some members of aw nforrement have come outttoday calling for mooe stringgnt gun onttol &plaws. thooe against suuc measures.... point to the fact phat maryland alleady has some oo he most reetrictive ggn controo aws in the nationn.. & curtail... iolence esp
eam.sports director bruce cunningham tells us where they -3&pcan go from here. 3 if the weather ever matched a city's mood, it's today in baltimore...after watching their belovvd team lose it's third straightyesteeday, this issone gloooyytoonnthis while fans anddmedia are all too aware offthe ravens' struggles,,ust imagine what it's like inside that llcker rrom rrght now...ven thoughh they''e already nailed down a playoff spot, thereally want &pto win the fc north, and &pbeating he giants thissunday will prrbably do thhy continue to work, and try, and -3 hope...jhn harbaugh was asked today if is plaaers are pressing... & 3 "i hhpe everybody's pressing. i really do. i hope we're all - preesing. i hope we're all get a little bit better. whhre the line is between that and over doing it? i don't knoo. & i'm for pressing." 3 we'll heer more from harbaugh,,,and yet another &praven is lost for the year... -33 we'll tell you about thht coming p later in the hour in sports. tonight?brandi proctor hhssour traffic edge report. report.. 3 mapgreenspring 3 libertyma
besides reqqiring an audit.... cardin also wants an simiiar to altimore city's . - double time stamm. it appeers cardin's proposal has his collegues who are just as real motive seems to be now a money grab bc these jurisdicaitons havv found poopholes around the way we anticipated it :26 butttbite (pat) 7:47:58 there should be an immediate invessigation by the state anddthe judiciary ssould noo be charginn any fines for any fees immediately :04 whill republican delegate pat mcdonoogh wantt the cameras turnee off temporarily.... cardin says it might bb time to pull the plug on he state'ssprogram altoggtheranddstart over from sscatch. ((joy)) carrin doesn't expect he'll faae much oppositionn next month when lawmakers return to aanapolis. joy lepola fox 44 news at 5500. & a... double shooting... in the baltimore this morning... man... in... e critical connition. thii the scene around 11-30 near pennsylvania avenue nd pitcherrstreet. police... say... one man....was shot in the head... hees... in... criticallcondition...///. the other... man ...w
on contractors... baltimore city. 45 haa learned ttat for contractors... working for mayor stephanie rawlings-blakee sparked a war of ords between the mayyr and city comptroller joan pratt about wasteful spendinggon baltimore's phone systee.we talled to an advocate for minority businesses who says that a broader investigaaion is overdue. 1:51:03"ii adds up tootaxpayyr dollars being wasted, and being pent without regaads for the law." law.""he report releasee this spending.the office declined to comment on the curreet investiiation. join our waste watch.if you our hotline... 410-666-1455. you can also go to our baltimore dot lawmakers are questioning thee administration... over the way it handled a work zone speed camera prooram. program.according to a state audit... the gencyydidn't have the cameras independently tested at all over the first nine months of the program. program.officials wereealso crittcized for the process of awarding the contract.the job &pwenttto a bidder now known as "xerox state nd local solution. solutions".the company manages sseed cameras in
at reetaurants, so it's very important for tte city of baltimore."ryan o'neil, pyrotecnnco:"these are paat of go off of one squib." baltimore's new year's eve fireworks show is mooe than 30 years old.dionne mcconkey, city of baltimore:"it adds to the holiday and makes it extra special."paul gessler, those barres will leave curris bay by midday. they will be here in the harbbr by sundown. music will beggn at 9 o'clock,, and the ireworks will begin promptly at midnight. for now, we are reportinggfrrm the iiner harbor, paul gessler, the -t-a etro and light rail services will be extended another hour tooight. the famous new year's eve ball in times square in new york goes or a test run..aead of tonight's countdown.. everything is porking as planned.the 12- thoussnd pound ball is covered in nearly 27-hundred waterford crystals and 32- thousand l-e-d lightt.-3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) &p((2-shot oss to ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorollgist)) 3 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map greenspping map still to come... make this year's resolutions downloaa to help you stay on tr. track.thiss
. -3 3 first on fox a stabbing inside a school in balitmore city. city. . t hhppeneddat - pree iddle school on centrall avenue. chhol officials say a women did not follow ppopee protoooo after enteeing thh & school. the admmnnstrator sufferrd ccts to his hand ndd was senn to tte hospital..the woman was arrested. 3&p "tte kids need more's craayy! p,33 the school was in emergency lockdown duriig the incident. no students weee injured.. sourres ell us the 21 year -3 old oman aa ttempting to -3 deliver a urprise birthday 3 people everywhere are showing their concern for the families ann victims oo friiayy evastating school massacre....especcallyyhhre in baltimore. baltimore. instead of their annual holiday -3 gathering... students at the university school of social work deecded to do a card-making party tt express their sympatty to the families & f sanny hook. "rather than sitting back ann doing nothing about it i thought that this woull be a good way to ring people together for a common cauue that
in the twin cities n sunday.six to eiggt inches of snow is pxpected in paats of wisconsin. officials are urrgng residents to stay home due to slick roads, and iiy conditions. sot mos 3::"'re putting spreaders, our salt spreaaers // gotta be aware of your -win peopll,,they try to pass us, or they try to take our center cuts... there s a lot you gotta do.... do..." the weather is national weathhr service hasse under a winter storm warniig. hundreds of same-sex couples ii washinggon state take advanttge of the state's new law... allowing hem to marry. &pmarry.seattle's city haal is nnrmally ccosed on suuday... but that wasn't the case this week..the state's first same yesterday.the washington legislature passed he same- sex marriage bill back inn just took effect this month.nd - poo: "....i dont think we ever expected in oor lifetime that thhs would happen..."mos: "i aay hhppier, its such a special day for us and foo the state and for all the other couples here and its just been rrally fabuloos to beea part of it" same-sex partnerssto marry, or will oon... incluuing
on the crowd. ttree years ago the baltimore city council passed an ordinance requiring prenancy clinics thattdo not provide abortions to put up signs declaring that a federal appeals court in virginia will decide whether &por not that oodinanceeis cons. constitutional. a divided three-judge panel uphell a lower court's decision striking down the ordinance in june.but he full appeals ccurt wwll review thhse the ccse was brrught by the -- greattr baltiiore center forr pregnancy.. claimiig the ordinaace violates their free-speech rights. testing your breath ... could help etect whether or not a according to a new study... phose who have the isease teed to have a distinct pattern of chemicals in their breath. and when researchers analyzed the breeth samples... thhy correctly identified colon cancer patients á76-percentá of the time. the test is in its vvry early stages... and won'' be availableein your 3a new study findd thh sperm count ammng men in france... is falling drastically..rom 1989 to 2005... it's decreased by about one-third.researccers say the findings are
bracing for more snoo.when the next 3 3 3 3 3 3 city police say a woman who actually the one who killed her boyfriend. boyfriend.on aagust 30th... 21- year-old donte harris was found in a northwest baltimore the arm.accordinn to ourt nd documents... shanda cure... admitted that she and another pan helped asia cutler... drag her boyfriend's body to that first shot her boyfriend in a bedroom. "i don't have mercy for these people that take guns and ill people, ause they ccn move oo thse babies, ussless crime, senseless crime" crime"cutler is charged with both first and seconn degree murder. the baltimore police departmenn is changing up some lladership command posts.this annhony battssbegins to impleme thoss chaages include... the policing division and a new enforcement group focusing on gangs and guns.the department 3&baltimore could see the effects of an expected as this weekend.the contract n between the nternationaa longshorrmen association and the u-s mmaitiieealliance s pet to xpire suuday.the key sticking point is over large that longshoremen get for s - them. shipping
no students were hurt during the city ock up tonight school is expected to open on schedule here this morning.but still a lot of unansweredd pueetiins about safeey... we'll have ore n that part of tte story coming up next half hour.iim megan gillilaad, pox45 morning news. &pii light of last week's elementary school... dick's sporting ggods is pplliig automatic rifles off --- shelles... at stooes around tte country. country.the store says it's its tore nearest to newtown, connecticuu. he retailer says the chhnge comee out of &preepect for the victims and's unclear how long the store will keep the suspensionnin place. wallart is pulling rifles off its shelves... thattare the responding to comments about m year... the national chain he ccnnecticut shooting has - maay people pushing for stricter gun cootrol lawss laws. many maryland are calling for them. toss point oothe ffct that maryland already has someeof the most reetrictive gun and they've done littleeto . - in altimore city which haa long been conssdered ammng thii nation's deadllest. (mike horst) 1:38;16 there are so
place at city hall... in the newwyear.siice deceeber 6th... same-sex couples in maryland have beee abbe to get &pmarriage licenses... but thos &plicenses o not officially take effect until tommrrow. there's a shorttge of county.aacording to the e's -3 wassington post"... 100perceet of the county's schools don't have a permanent, ull-timm nurse.the supervisor of the health services office says it's all because oo retirement and hiiher-paying jobs. recently... about 0 school purses have een a systemmmight ask nurses at one school o treet students at 3pother schools. some maryland residents hit hard by supersttrm sandy.. re &pcountt hh exxerienced set significant amage will be eligible for food stamps because of the disaster. &p the programmprovidee one month of benefits. sttrm victims can apply from january 7 through 13th at the county department of social services and the disaster recovery center in crisfiild. phrases making the annual - list... offwords to be banishee.tte llst... put together by mmchigan's lake superior state university... submitted by the public.i
city can help you turn your tree into mulch. tiffani j. church from baltimore city department oo public works joins us this we make sureeour tree isscan pickkd up?? when will trees be picked uu?be picked up?- when will trees be picked up? - if we don't want you to pick up our tree where canntree? ttee? to earn more log 3&pon to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. coming up... up....or the second time this mooth... a person is pushee how witnesses describb the orm.- bizarre behhvior... of the and one person's random act of pidness... gets an unusual reactton.weell show you what ccnadian shop.youure wwtching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((brrak 4)) [ male announcer ] this comrcial is not about getting fios, it's about getting fios. that moment after you finally got it that you actually get it. when you see the difference 100% fiber optics makes, and you say "woah we are not on cable anymore." when online videos aren't herky jerky, you get it. or when a movie downloads in two minutes, you get it. last chance to get fios for just $79.99 a month for two years with a two-year agreement. plus
thhse shootings in baltimore city are done by people who are on parole with - guns so what my bill does itt says that if yyu commit a crime with a gun and you go to jail you can't have parole yoo can't get out earry underrany circumstannes." 3 no word... on when... or if... these bills... will go into effect. 3 a woman is accuued of using -3 the newtown school massaare to scam people out of oney. money. 37 year old nouel alba of the bronx was released toddy on 50 thousand dollars bond. the fbi says she setup an acccunt aad cllimed to be the relative -3 of one oo the young hooting victims. she asked people for donations toohelp pay for a young boy's funeral and claimed she was an aunt hannling the accountt the fbi says she lied when confronted with a charge which carries five years and a 3 3 3 new york... police... arrest a woman... they buy... tte gunn... used to murder... two... firefighters... monday. monday. 4-year-old... awn wynn.... is... facing....felony & charges... for
maryland staae pooicc... are... on the ssreett oo paltimore tonight helping city officers tackle highhcrime areas../ areas... thh troopers have been walking citt ssreets since mmd-september. theyywere n west baltimmre last night. they've also hhlped tackll the.. greenmmunt corridor... where reactioo is mixed. 3 p"it looks like uu community ii uuder seege......" seige....... 3 "all the crimmethat's going on in bbltimore ccty, that's a big help.." hell.." 3 "i mean when i see a trooper, i would say busiiess i would say top of the line...i would say not playinggno games." games." pollce sayythh ttropers will helppboost nights. theyysay the & officers will aaso have access to state police licenne-plate reader technnoogy. 3 he... fbi... -3 prrests an... after... explosives... are found... at tth university of maryland. john ... jenkins... is. charged with... two... felony counns ...of... building a omb...///. pomb...///. pooicee...iscoveeed the device inside a van on the
. severaa dozen flights out offthe twin cities airport were canccled. servvce sayssthe snow will end tooayy...when temperatures &pwill peak in the mii-teens. care packaggs areebeing put together for milittry dogs. theepewee valley veterinary center in kentucky is collecting and sendinggthe afghanistan. the packages include toys, treats ann desperately needed supplies. dogs ave been used in the military sinne the -&revvlutio forgotten sometimes. we really change thingg for them. one oo the dogs we're sponsorrng it's the vet is also trring to adopt at least 10 military dogs currentty ii service. coming up... anger ii growing... aattr a prank is pulled on britain's royal the ituation turned deadly... and what's fox 45 mooniig news.. all local.. all morning.. 3&((breakk3)) [ loud party sounds ] hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. nine grams protein. zero fat. the hospptal thht was treatin
... also ... - pushing... for... stricter arole... for... violators. baltimore city are done by - people who are on parole with pgns so what my billldoes its ssys that if you commit a crime with a gunnand youugo to jail yyu can't have parole you circumstances." rly under any - the next 3anuary ninth.ssion begins on - breaking news ffom morgan state university.the school's itsslf and voted to renew the contract of univvrsity earlier this month the board &pwiison'' contract.but after proteess from students and hold a mmeting today to get &pone student had to say before today's meeting. 33:11"we ealll just want answers, we want to find out why. we as a tudent body have a duty to find out what's going on." on." hhre's no official yet on why theeboard changee its vote and renewwd the contract today. the nation's leeders have just four days to reach a deal to avoii the fiical cliff.... hiih would mean automatic tax increases for evvry american and drassic speeding cutt. resident ooama summoned four washington power players and others to a meeting at the whitt house this
... other officers... to... markk.. the... 1000---th ... illegal gun... taken off... city streets.... so far ...thhs year...//. it... happened... during thh arrest... of a suupect... in... a... home innasion... in northwest baltimore. "the horrifii moment... oq: the job that we''e doing out he" here." police say... a woman ...was assaulted... by.... te puspect... during the break in...//. there... were also... several phillren... in the home at the time. shhppers... today.../ all - apparent gas eak. leak. it... happened around 1 o'clock this afternoon....//fire rews... wereecalled to investigate a gas smell... on forever 21 store...//. porrions... of the mall... were evacuated, .../ no injuriesswere reported pome .... mmryland leaderr... speak out... &pagainst... the federal ggvernment's decision... to... deny aid ... to... hurricane saady victims... in... maryland.../.// accorddng... to... f-e-m-a../. the... &páenoughá... to... warrant individual aid. the... fema ...thattannounce
traffic edge report. report. -3& 3 mapgreenspring 3 liberryshawan3 map 3 395 3 3 a baltimore city sccool takes peaddng to a new level. level. &p3 state-of-the-art techhollgy is being infused into the ben carson reading roommat gwynns falls elementary schooll studenns now have accss to ipads, -readees and an inneeactivv hiteboard. cctyy couucilman nick mossy helpedd rededicate the readinn room.... &paad encouraged kids to dream &ppii. "iq: this reading rogram.... oq:at your young age." age." 3 3 dr ben ccrsonnii a world & from balitmore... so far, he's helpee creatt 85 reading & rooms in 12 states. 3 hundrrds of packages... left pn he side f the road..why a -3 fed ex driver ssys he dumped - 3 p mental health.. and gun control. how calls for ssricter ackground ccecks --3 pould actually expose private -& informatton. &p3 3 --adblib weather tz--- - 3 & 3 speaker boohnee proposes a new debt deal he's caaling "plann b" with juss days left until everyonn's taxes go up. up. the latest republican - plan would rrise ttxes for - fam
... funeral service... was held today... for the viitim... of a new york city... subway attack..../ poliie... say... he was pushed ...on... the tracks ... fight... with a stranger....// chang reports, .../ family memmers ....are... calling for while... the - &pssspect ...makes a.. shocking claim. 3 3 -3 3 done." 3 shocking video...out of california.... where a seeenn year old girl ii struuk ...and dragged... by a... hit-anddrunn driver ... ... securiit cameras ...catching a speeding... toyota ...four--unner ...// whiih... hit.. evelyn sanchez ... and... dragged her... almost... thirty feet... before taking off...///. the yyung girll.. survivee ...//. she's... hospitaized.. with injuries... to her heaa and bodd. 109-119"well myymom is at the hospital. she ii i guess...she's still ike crying about it because she still rrmmmbers eeerything and how it happened. she saw everything, she was right there" there."46-56"you can see hii steppinggon the breaa light. it's appareet that he hould have known that he hht somebody. he didn't stop. he pidn't render aid
-- across the baltimore city llne-- is rarely see trouble.catty - patton, baltiioreeco. police: "our officers check on busiiesses that are open during the miinight shift s 3 however, at this point we doo & not know...why he was therr." police say they asked the man - to leave.cathy batton, - bbltimore co. police: "he apporachhd the man, skkd him po ome outtfrom behind the business. the man refusedd displayed a kkife and pointed -&pit at the officcr."paul gessler, reporter: "but, the taser apparently did not work. & at that oint, police tell us thh suspeet charggd thh officer with his kniff. it was then the officer pulled oot his reel gun and shot him"the man-- identifiid as gregory sttgalll- died from one 3 ptegall died at st agnes hospital.heewas 36 yyars old. meanwhile, the officer is onn administrative fox45 nees at ten. 3 a teen accused of & shooting an off duty police officee earlier this oonh has . 18-year-old michael jah-bah-tty is charggd with attempped murder after police sayyhe shot annofficee ttice in ove
goos into effect.ceremonies city hall... shortly aftee party-goers ring ii te new year.since december 6th... have been able to gt marriage licennes... but those licenses &pdd not officially take effect until tomorrow. the nnw year... means a pay boost for hundreds of thousands f miiimum-wagg workers.according to the non-profit advocacy group "the national employmenn laww project".... rhode island workers will see the biggest average of 5-hundred-10 - worker. states musttpay at age least the same as the federal minimum wage... hicc has been set aa 7-dolllrs and 25 cents an hour since 2009. in 2013... 19 states and the district f columbia willlhave rates above thh feeeral levvl. today's the lass day to put your name on the is the deadline to submit entries to a contest to name six river.tte board will select its favorite entries and send them to the u-s geologicaa could take tth federal agency up to 9 montts to choose a winner. enterr. gg to our plash orning. happy new year... to folks in new zealand! peaaand!at 6 ooclock this morring... whiih was m
33 3 3 city police say a woman whh called 911... montts ago... iss pctually the one whh killed her boyfrienn. boyfriend.on august 30th... 211 year-oldddontt harris was ffund inna norrhwest baltimore alley... shot n the head and the arm.according to court documents... ssanda cure... admitted that she and another man helped asia cutler... drag her bbyfriend's body to that alley.wittesses say cutler first shot her boyfriend in aa bedroom. "i don't have mercy for these peoppe that take guns and kill people, cause they can move on thse babies, uueless crime, senseless crime" crime"cutler is charged with both first and second degree murder. &pa altimore mann s indicted for the murder of his... one month old fox 45 firstt reported... had the state followed through n monitoring dion ware in 2011... hh mayy pot have been on the street... an oversight uncovered áonlyá after the murder of ware's son. he was placed on supervised probation n 2011 but never &preported.his robation office warrant for ware's arrest but that didn't happen until dayss after his son was dead. the state
on the streets of our cities? they aren't good hunting weapons, no hunter worth their salt would use an assault weapon to hunt, and, what we'd is take the earlier bill and strengthen it in many ways, prevent the gun manufacturers, from getting around it as they did. go to a one physical characteristic test and take specific models and ban mayor manufacture, sale and transfer and take the weapons that are grandfathered, that are in possession now, and put them under the federal firearms act. so that they would be licensed, there would be background checks down. america has to bite the bullet of what these incidents mean to our people, to our nation, and our nation's standing in the world. when you have someone walking in and flaying in the most brutal way, 6-year-olds, something is really wrong. this is one effort and other things we should do to try to put weapons under some kind of appropriate authority. >> chris: senator graham, you support the nra plan to put more school security in place, and you oppose senator feinstein's assault weapons ban. why is she wrong? >> we'll, we had the assault
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